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PCPA Course Content & Costings

PCPA COURSE: The ‘list price’ for the 40 hour PCPA course is $2,500 + GST¬†per participant (minimum of 8 participants).

Courses for fewer participants will be delivered at individually negotiated prices.

The $2500 + GST covers:

  • 40 hours‚Äô training with two facilitators, anywhere in New Zealand
  • The 12-module Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor Curriculum
  • A three-year licence to use the Curriculum to train and support Peer Counsellors.¬† Please note: LLLNZ reserves the right to withhold a license if a particpant does not meet the basic competencies required to support and train Peer Counsellors.
  • Extensive written resources including…Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding,¬†Mama Aroha Talk Cards ...plus a comprehensive range of breastfeeding information including La Leche League sheets¬† and¬†booklets.
  • LLLNZ Professional Membership subscription for one year - includes subscriptions to LLLNZ publications including¬†Aroha and Breastfeeding¬†Communique.

SUPPORT PACKAGE: We strongly recommend that funders support their PCPAs by purchasing a package of ongoing support from LLLNZ.

This package can be individually tailored to PCPAs’ needs. The standard package is priced at $1995 + GST¬†for three years and includes:

  • A LLLNZ Professional Membership for the second and third years
  • Continuing Education Modules, for training Peer Counsellors in subject areas beyond the scope of the 12-module curriculum. There is also the possibility of developing the CE modules to meet specific needs.
  • Ongoing contact with, and support from, an LLLNZ PCP Training Facilitator

Please note: In some locations, LLLNZ staff may be available to provide a greater level of support to PCPAs and PCs, eg to assist with the training of PCs or to provide more intensive mentoring for PCPAs and PCs. Additional negotiated charges will apply.

I am blown away with the information and resources we have been given as part of the programme.  I have come away with more knowledge and improved understanding of the importance of it.

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The PCP is proudly supported by La Leche League NZ