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How the PCP Operates

How the PCP Operates
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STAGE 1 involves a 40 hour course where your health and community workers learn to deliver the PCP training themselves and how to establish and customise the PCP in your target community. This is called ‘PCP Administrator’ (PCPA) training.
The PCPA training is run by LLLNZ facilitators, at your choice of location within NZ.
PCPA training participants are provided with:

  • Practical training and modelling of communication skills.
  • Extensive hard resources, including our 12 – module curriculum for training Peer Counsellors.
  • At the end of the training, a 3 year licence to operate and deliver the PCP themselves.

Ideally, those chosen to undertake PCPA training have been selected because of their existing strong links to the target population.

STAGE 2 involves the selection, training and credentialing of mothers in each target group as Peer Counsellors by the PCPAs.

STAGE 3 of the PCP sees Peer Counsellors using their skills, knowledge and social and cultural connectedness to help other mothers successfully breastfeed their babies.

This mother-to-mother support is at the heart of each community-focussed and based programme, and the reason why the PCP succeeds.

The three stage process allows the PCP to be adapted to meet the needs of specific communities and target groups with low breastfeeding rates, thereby reducing inequalities.

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The PCP is proudly supported by La Leche League NZ